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Domain Names

The Internet is a constantly changing landscape of millions and millions of Web sites.

A unique domain name is your first point of entry into this world; it is your first step to gaining your Internet identity.

At SaHost, we're excited about the opportunity to register that unique name for you!


A domain name is the last two parts of an Internet address. For instance, if you look at the URL for this page, you'll see it begins with Our domain name is The "www" part tells the server the machine from which we'd like to retrieve our information. Although "www" is the most common precursor, you will see others, such as, or sites with no precursor at all, such as

The domain name is unique and can give your company or organisation an identity on the Internet. You can use this name for your website and for email.

Only you will be able to use this domain name.
For your website, the domain name will take the form of "".

Your full web address will be:
For email, the domain name will take the form of ""


Domain names are allocated by the relevant domain authorities on a first-come, first-served basis. Once a domain name has been registered, it is no longer available. The most popular and easily-remembered domain names are being reserved daily, at the rate of one domain name every 5 seconds! At that rate, in the near future, only obscure domain names will be available to the general public.

A good domain name creates inherent value for your organisation. Domain names that reflect the name of your organisation (i.e.,, are an invaluable asset to your company.

Wouldn't your rather your customers find you on the internet like this?
instead of like this?

In some ways, a domain name is similar to a customised license plate - very easy to remember. A domain name allows you to receive e-mail at a customised e-mail address. With a domain name, your email can look like this:
instead of like this:

As the Internet grows and domain names become more scarce, premiums for existing domain names will increase significantly.

Check the availability of a domain name, make use of our
Domain Name Look-up service

Why do I need one right now?

to avoid costs of address changes later on.
to avoid somebody else from registering the name you want.
to maximise the chances of a successful internet presence.
Eventually, all the names will be all taken up! Don't be left behind -- the faster you act, the better your chances for getting the domain name you want. Once a domain name is taken, you would have to track down the owner to see if they are willing to sell it.
What if I'm not a business?
Domain names aren't just for businesses. People everywhere are securing domain names for personal or group use.

Act quickly! Domain names are being registered at the rate of one domain name every 5 seconds! It's time for you to take advantage of the internet boom!

Check the availability of a domain name, make use of our
Domain Name Look-up service.

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